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The Manhães Moreira e Ciconelo Sociedade de Advogados is also a place of opportunity for those who chose law as a career and lifetime achievement. It is a place of opportunity for those who have decided to work for the law and for the law, with integrity, ethics, tenacity, intelligence and creativity. Today, with over 18 years of existence, gathers valuable team formed by professionals with solid and long career, coming from legal and business experience of business life, which joins a brilliant group of young men and women lawyers, interns and trainees, distinguished by its dynamism and enthusiasm .

The Manhães Moreira e Ciconelo Sociedade de Advogados is a good place to work, either for experienced professionals, is for those who choose to join the profession. Thanks to the vigorous momentum of its growth, constantly offers opportunities for people who like and want a good and fulfilling work. The MMC does not choose the origin, but the talent that candidate or candidate demonstrates. School matters less where it comes from, but which are endowed with intelligence, knowledge of the fundamental principles of law, the desire to provide quality work and service staff .

Matter to the MMC personal integrity long before the appearance and care, especially the will to progress. All this because the office MMC also is a good school with adequate and modern integration programs and periodic training, supported by its technological capabilities, by the experience of its members and the already accumulated wisdom in the office real and successful practice of law business.

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