Tax Law

Areas of Expertise

Proven track record for gaining judicial acceptance of innovative tax theories and arguments.

Representation in judicial and administrative cases.

Tax Planning: Identify opportunities and risks at every level of taxation (federal, state and local) after review and analysis of tax procedures, tax regimes, accounting ledgers, corporate structures and various other documents.

Monitoring, attainment, renewal and address restrictions related to the issuance of Debt Clearance Certificates.

Guidance regarding optimization of evolving tax credits and incentives.

Projections regarding future tax expenses.

Counsel regarding applicability of tax provisions and laws.

Specialized Services

Lawful Reduction of Tax Liabilities: Active and passive actions for lawfully reducing tax burdens.

Urgent Measures: Attainment of clearance certificates/customs clearance.

Turn Key Counseling: MMC professionals working on location at the client’s office.

Periodic Review Programs: IRPJ, CSLL, PIS, COFINS, IPI, ICMS and ISS.

Administrative Law
- Draft and monitor administrative inquires.
- Draft and monitor special regime applications.

Customized Reports: Reports customized to each client’s specific needs.