Labor Law

Areas of Expertise

Advise employers on matters related to labor law.

Consulting services and legal advice targeted to prevent costly lawsuits and unnecessary legal obligations.

Legal representation before administrative and judicial bodies: MPT, DRT and INSS.

Support in collective negotiations: unions, federations and confederations.

Drafting and analysis of labor documents.

Survey and management of labor liabilities.

Process for managing labor contingencies.

Legal counsel regarding human resource departments and other regulated company departments.

Employee compensation policies and practices.

Employee Profit Sharing Plans (EPSP).

Occupational safety and health advice.




Specialized Services

Case Portfolio Management: Management of case portfolios handled by other law offices

Contacts and Agreements: Draft, review and online management of contacts and agreements

Settlement Team: Settlement of cases in accordance with our client’s guidelines and best interests

Turn Key Counseling: MMC professionals working on location at the client’s office

Ethics and Compliance
- Internal communications
- Audit of labor practices

Customized Reports: Reports customized to each client’s specific needs